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24 April 2008

Around the world

We´re at the last issue of the swedish magazine Galore Interior, a very nice publication about interior and product design. We´re there with some products: Equation, Lemon Tree Station, Kuni and Cyclone ('Brasilian design with irony and perspective'_as they said). It´s a honor to be part of this important publication, specially to be closed at the Nordic Design, that we´re fan!

We´re also at another magazine, this time from Taiwan! Equation Bookshelf was next to other great designs at the Eslite Reader...`a very chic magazine about design, fashion and reading culture´.

The PM magazine
published Equation Bookshelf
beside other great products.
That´s a german popular science magazine (Equation broken common sense). Thanks to all!

Estudio Breder Team
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