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17 August 2007

new pewter collection | coleção estanho novo

The city of São João del-Rei produces the only pewter in Brazil. Its quality is recognized worldwide. The largest number of shops is concentrated here, and the most highly skilled pewter artisans in all of Latin America are trained locally. There are ancient records of metal mines in the region and of incipient pewter artifacts back to the 19th century. However, it was the vision of pioneer John Somers that definitely put the name of São João del-Rei on the pewter map as of 1968, as well as in international pewter artistry catalogues. In the beginning, his production was inspired in original English and Portuguese pewter models, replicas of models that the antique collector gathered from all over the world, which today make up a magnificent museum in his namesake. It was in this true school of arts and crafts that the vast majority of artists and artisans were trained, which today produces the world-famous pewter of São João del-Rei. download catalogue (part 3)

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First toucan jar prototype, new pewter collection, 2005

studies of molds and products, new pewter collection, 2005

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