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16 August 2007

Poli Chair | Cadeira Poli, 2004

Master Studies Engineering Materials
Mestrado em Engenharia de materiais


Furniture industry is one of the most important sectors all over the world and Brazil is not an exception. However, Brazilian exports are shy if compared to other sectors and this seems to be mainly due to some deficiencies in the areas of Design and Technology, specially by raw materials and the manufacturing processes. However, an increasing awareness in the use of natural resources has uncovered new horizons for this sector, being polymers the focus of this thesis. Review of literature in Material Engineering and Design supported the gathering of information related to the plastic furniture domestic industry as well as its raw materials, history and its world market performance (import and export). The evolution of productive process and raw material, along with the designer’s inventive capacity, proved to be the greatest drivers for the appearance of new products in the world market. Despite this fact, domestic industry presents a passive condition and has chosen to reproduce products widely used in other countries since the 1970s. To validate the issues raised, a product which uses materials and manufacturing processes familiar to the domestic industry in this sector was developed as part of this thesis. This applied research, which has an interaction between scholarship and market, along with the information about the sector are the academic contributions to the areas of Material Engineering and Design.

Dissertação de mestrado sobre a indústria de móveis de plástico no Brasil. Apresenta, como comprovação das viabilidades para a este setor industrial, a de uma cadeira em polipropileno com 20% de fibra de vidro.

A dissertação completa está disLinkponível para download (PDF), dividida nas seguintes partes:

PARTE 1_ Introdução (2Mb)Link

PARTE 2_ Revisão Histórica (6Mb)

PARTE 3_ Materiais Poliméricos (16Mb)

PARTE 4_ Processos Produtivos (15Mb)

PARTE 5_ Análise de Valor e Ecodesign (8Mb)

PARTE 6_ Desenvolvimento Produto e Conclusões (6Mb)

Alguns trechos do trabalho:

Graphic about features of existing products on market. Analysis of domestic and foreign.

Sketches of Poli Chair, according to results of the previous chart.

construction of model in MDF

tridimentional scanner of the model to realize a finite element analysis

finite element analysis video

Poli Chair, 2004 presentation

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